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Monday, January 4, 2016

5 Top Detox Infused Water Recipes

Hello Darlings!

Happy New Year! I’ve loved listening to everyone’s New Years Resolutions this week and noticed one reoccurring theme: Cleaning Service NYC! I thought I’d share some of my quick water recipes to help you keep hydrated this year.

While I love the taste of all of these waters, each one also has a specific use, from detoxing to immunity boosting vitamin C, there is a recipe for everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Tips for Holiday Hosting in a Small Space

Hello Darlings!

I was born to host parties. It sounds utterly ridiculous, but it really is true. I was the middle school student with a fondue pot on her Christmas wish list, and may have been referred to simply as ‘Crate and Barrel’ a few too many times. Now that I’m on my own living in a cute little apartment in Denver, I’ve had to learn how to make the most of a small space when it comes to hosting.

So, with the holidays right around the corner and plenty of Christmas and New Years parties on the way, I thought I’d share a couple of tried and true tips that will help your party go off without a hitch.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

DIY: Healthy Holiday Dog Treats with Greek Yogurt Icing

Hello Darlings!

There’s no other way to describe it- my dogs are spoiled. And I am completely okay with this! The spoiling has only gotten worse after their Instagram account blew up, with fans all over the world they revel in attention. Bring out a camera? They pose.

I have always made my girls (Tinkerbelle and Meeko) homemade dog treats for lots of occasions from Peanut-Butter Peach Frozen Treats in the summer, to birthday cakes (like I said, spoiled.) So with Christmas right around the corner, I knew something festive needed to be made!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Winter Travel Safety Kit for Humans and Their Pets

Hello Darlings!

Winter here in Colorado can be treacherous. With huge temperature shifts from the 20s to 60s and back again, you don’t just have to be aware of blizzards with whiteout conditions, but also sneaky black ice from snow melt that wants to freeze all over again. With crazy travel conditions comes the possibility of a stranding, both in the backwoods and the highways so make sure you’re prepared!

With family and friends all throughout the mountains and the Front Range, my pups and I travel in the snow quite often, especially throughout the holidays, and I like to be prepared for everything! I’ve drawn up a list to stock your Winter Travel Safety Kit, making sure that you’ve got everything you need for both the humans and the fluffs in your car!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Yoga Must-Haves: Yoga Brights Towel

Hello Darlings!

When it comes to yoga props I am incredibly picky. From blocks and straps to mats and eye masks and everything in between, I want everything I tote with me to my practice to be both beautiful and functional. On top of that they need to be able to withstand the constant barrage of abuse brought on by classrooms of toddlers and infants, who aren’t exactly the most careful little buggers when it comes to things on the floor while I’m teaching, and the dirt, rocks, and snow of an outdoor practice. Essentially, when it comes down to it I need props that work with my yoga practice that, generally speaking, isn’t conventional. What can I say? I’m a wild child that hasn’t quite grown up.

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