Chickadee Says: Quick Update & Tinkerbelle Turns Two!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Quick Update & Tinkerbelle Turns Two!

Hello Darlings!

I have been terrible about blogging lately, but if you follow my Instagram you might have heard that I am moving to Denver- YAY! So, I have been running around like a mad women getting everything ready and packed, saying my goodbyes, and everything else that comes with the hassle of moving. While I’m getting ready and on the cross-country road trip in a truck that is stuffed to the brim with all of the items I’ve happened to collect over the last few years my posts are going to few and far between.

So to hold you over Tinkerbelle turned two yesterday! I, being the slightly obsessed dog-mom that I am baked Tink a puppy-safe cake from this recipe. Here are a few pictures:

Tink Blowing Out Her Candles

Birthday Cake Close Up
Sniffing the Homemade Treats on Top
It Looks Like 'People Cake!'

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