Chickadee Says: A Home To Call My Own: Denver, Colorado

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Home To Call My Own: Denver, Colorado

Hello Darlings!

It has been absolutely ages since I’ve posted last, but if you’ve read my last blog post, or have been following me on Twitter or Instagram you might have seen that I’ve moved to Denver, Colorado! Yay!

I’ve moved over a dozen times in my twenty-four years, but I’ve never had a place that was just my own. So I’ve realized that I never really appreciated the work that goes into packing, moving, setting up, and figuring out a new place. (Kudos to my parents for moving house so many times with three young children!) I did have help- thank you Dad for driving the Penske truck across the country and moving me in, and thank you Mom for flying out and helping to set me up and the many trips to Ikea- but the whole process has been rather time consuming. With the mountains calling my name and work obligations, making my cute little apartment a home took longer than expected, but I learned a few things.

1. Invest in a box of Band-Aids, a jar of coconut oil, and hand balm before moving to the Mile High City. 

If you don’t you might end up looking like a bit of a mess with cardboard paper cuts on incredibly dry skin and surprise nosebleeds at inopportune moments. (Coconut oil has done wonders for my nosebleeds, dab a little in your nostrils and you’re good to go!)

2. Everyone in Denver loves dogs.

So, if you plan on being anywhere on time while walking a fluffy, white, polar bear-esque Samoyed, plan to leave ahead of time. This is especially true if your dog happens to love children, as lines of toddlers will form to pet her at the farmer’s market, which, by the way, is incredibly adorable.

3. Apparently my love of tea is more of an obsession.

You’ve seen how much I love Tiesta Tea in my review, but you hadn’t seen the rest of my tea collection, nor my four teapots. Four may seem like quite a few but I would like to say that two of them are passed down from a great-grandmother on one side and a grandmother on the other- they don’t count right? 

Also you hadn’t seen my rather extensive collection of teacups and mugs, and the obligatory sugar and creamer set. I hadn’t realized how large my collection of tea-related paraphernalia was until I started rationing cabinet space. Whoops.

4. Open shelving + pretty canned food = a decorator’s dream.

I love how the jars I’ve canned are displayed, and while I know that they are supposed to be in a cool, dark place, they were really just too pretty to not be seen. Plus, no direct sunlight means no-harm no –foul? *crosses fingers* 

5. Embrace the unexpected.

Whether it is the aesthetic of a world map displayed over a kitchen table, heading to a concert with friends of friends you haven’t met yet, or moving to an entirely new city, the unexpected makes life fun. I’m excited for the unknown, and can’t wait to explore a new city, forge new relationships, and create a life of my very own.

Hello Denver!

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