Chickadee Says: Low-Key and Lazy: Alphabet Weekend Warriors

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Low-Key and Lazy: Alphabet Weekend Warriors

Hello Darlings!

I have teamed up with a lovely group of ladies for Kallie from But First, Coffee’s linkup of super fun ideas to do with fun summer weekends, the Alphabet Weekend Warriors. A while back I was assigned the letter L and had developed a whole day of fun in Denver that revolved around the letter (which is why this post is so L-heavy!).

However, I had an incredibly rough last night in Vegas this long weekend with my college girls, and there was no way that I could manage to pop around Denver when I got back as I had planned, which is a total bummer. Long story short, I am incredibly allergic to the cigarette smoke that permeates everywhere in Vegas, and had my first full-blown respiratory attack that almost resulted in a hospital visit since high school. (We’re talking almost-unable-to-breathe shortness of breath, dizziness, leading to a panic attack, the works.) So, needless to say, I needed a bit of time to recoup and detox my system of four days worth of smoke. So I’ve turned my crazy run around Denver listening to live music in LoDo and lunching in Larimer Square into a lazy pampering day, which is still fun, even if it isn’t as interesting!
LuLu Groove Pants

First, I started off my morning with Lemon Balm tea, a wonderful all-natural anti-histamine that is great for allergies and detoxing. I love adding a bit of raw honey for sweetness, which makes it the perfect morning treat!

Working at home means that when I’m feeling under the weather I can lounge in comfy clothing. My go-to laying around pants are a pair of very loved LuLu Lemon Groove Pants that are so soft they feel like a second skin.

To help detox my body I drew up a bath of lavender Epsom salts. Epsom salt is both super relaxing (especially with lavender added!) and great for helping for your body to heal itself. I may have stayed in the bath reading Travel and Leisure and Martha Stewart Living until the water got cold. Whoops. 

After dinner (I made some of my super-healthy veggie soup, recipe: here) I decided to cozy up and watch a couple of my favorite movies, which both happen to be titled with L’s! Life of Brian is a rather rude, but incredibly funny movie from the men of Monty Python, and you can’t go wrong with Life As You Know It, a super cheesy, but incredibly adorable chick flick (seriously, babies and attractive men? Yes, Please).

I ended the day lying in bed cuddling Tinkerbelle, my puppy, who is the sweetest little critter, especially when you are feeling low!

Overall, while a total 180 from what I had planned on doing, my “L” day turned out to be exactly what I needed! Make sure to pop over to some of the other girls’ alphabet day posts!

If you had to choose and “L” themed activity in your city what would it be?
Have you ever had a super scary moment while vacationing?

Let me know in the comments below!

We still have spots available for Alphabet Weekend Warriors! e-mail Kallie @ butfirstcoffeeblog@gmail for your chance to join in on the fun! 

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