Chickadee Says: Barre 3: Beautiful and Brutal (In the Best Way Possible!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Barre 3: Beautiful and Brutal (In the Best Way Possible!)

Hello Darlings!

I had always been curious about taking Barre classes. They sounded like fun, but for me if I am going to go workout, I want to get my butt kicked, and I (very wrongly) assumed that Barre classes were more pretty than functional. Oh, how wrong I was.

Now I know I shouldn’t have assumed that classes at Barre 3 wouldn’t be difficult because, quite frankly, many think the same thing about yoga, and I happen to pass the Barre 3 Denver location as I drive to teach each week. But alas, after Barre 3 reached out and offered to set me up with a class pack and a subscription to their online classes I thought, why not?

I showed up to the very cute studio a few minutes before my first class and admired how well decorated the space is. The locker room is pristine and the studio is bright and airy- a whole wall is windows!

I grabbed my props- a ball, some weights, and a strap, and took my place at one of the barres and waited for class to begin. The instructor, Julie, is the owner of the Denver studio and literally looked like she was bouncing walking into class, her blonde ponytail swinging. Music started to blast, the class migrated into the center of the room, and we began to sweat. Profusely.

Julie was incredible; when she gave adjustments she actually listened, unlike many fitness instructors I’ve come across. As someone with hypermobility issues, I get a bit nervous when instructors I don’t know, and don’t know my body, try to adjust my form or stance because I tend to fall apart like humpty dumpty- not the best experience. But Julie was exceptionally knowledgeable about all types of bodies, and the tweaks she gave made a huge difference in my practice.

The workout itself was fast-paced and fun, and oh my goodness, my legs (and shoulders, and arms, and abs) were the best kind of sore for days! My misconceptions about barre were thrown out the window in a single class.

If you’ve been reading Chickadee Says for a while you might have noticed that I enjoy the flexibility of online fitness classes, but because I have tried so many I’m quite picky. Barre 3 Online more than made the cut. Not only does the site have a huge number of classes to choose from, but it also showcases different kinds of wellness, like delicious sounding recipes.

You can choose the class length and type of your classes- everything from a 10 minute core class to a 60 minute prenatal class- and the search function brings up a selection of beautifully shot videos with great instructors right on your computer screen. It seriously can’t get easier than that!

Overall, Barre 3 more than exceeded my expectations. It was a great experience both online and in person, and it most definitely kicked my rear! You can check out Barre 3 online or see if they have a studio near you. The Cherry Creek location here in Denver is walkable from my apartment!

Have you ever taken a barre class? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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