Chickadee Says: Daily Handbag Essentials: Stress Less, Smile More with Bach Rescue!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Daily Handbag Essentials: Stress Less, Smile More with Bach Rescue!

Hello Darlings!

What do you bring when you know you’re going to have a stressful day? I have a few staples that I don’t leave home without! I love carrying around my Michael Kors suitcase of a handbag because I have easy access to everything I need, which is incredibly helpful when I feel my chronic anxiety start to become overwhelming.  From homeopathic remedies to tasty chocolate I carry around a bit of everything to help calm myself down!

Homeopathic Remedies

When it comes to homeopathic medicine Bach tops my list of favorite brands. When I feel a panic attack coming on I have always reached for my Bach RESCUE Remedy Spray to help me save the day. But the spray is only one of many different products that Bach’s doctors have developed; from RESCUE Remedy for pets to RESCUE Liquid Sleep Melts, they have something for everyone to help you stay stress free.

My new favorite Bach RESCUE product to pair with the soothing scent of organic lavender essential oil? Rescue Pastilles! Each of the tasty pastilles (black currant!) is equivalent to a dose of the RESCUE spray, but doesn’t have any alcohol, which can make the spray taste a bit unappetizing. Also, I love how convenient they are- no more sneaking off so you don’t bring attention to yourself spraying something into your mouth, you just look like you’re popping a mint!

Productive Distractions

Sometimes you need a little break from your day to recharge and relax. I like to do this by popping in my headphones, listening to some soothing music (I’m partial to singing bowl sounds) and letting myself write it out. Sometimes it’s the satisfaction from crossing something off of my to do list, sometimes a bit of poetry pours out onto the paper, either way I love the feel of a notebook (this one was a gift from prAna!) in my hand, and a change to express myself.

Keep Yourself Comfortable

I am the most stressed out, cranky human being when I’m hungry. So I like to keep a snack in my bag (these are goodnessknows bars- dipped in chocolate!), a bottle of water to keep hydrated and my favorite lip balm from my company, The Spiral Collective. Lip balm you ask? I love how versatile organic, oil based lip balm is. Use it on your lips, your cheeks for a bit of shine (confidence boost!), or on dry hands.

What do you carry around during busy days to keep your stress at bay? Are you one of the millions worldwide that trust Bach’s RESCUE products? If not, get on it! They’re available at your local pharmacy or health foods store! Pssst.. want to try them out? Here's an awesome BOGO coupon!

Looking for more ways to deal with stress? Check out my Yoga Poses for Stress Relief and 5 Healthy Ways to Beat Stress posts!

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