Chickadee Says: Samoyed Sunday: Meeko’s Arrival Story (& 3 Tips for Bringing Your Puppy Home Smoothly!)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Samoyed Sunday: Meeko’s Arrival Story (& 3 Tips for Bringing Your Puppy Home Smoothly!)

Hello Darlings!

Happy Mother’s Day! While I don’t have (human) babies I do happen to have two ridiculously fuzzy furbabies that I spoil just like I’d imagine I would my future children. So while all of the moms out there are getting pampered and sharing the birth stories of their kiddos I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and tell the story of Meeko coming to join the family here in Denver!

So you might not know this but Meeko and Tinkerbelle are half-sisters. They have the same father, Crush, who is an incredible Samoyed out of White Magic Samoyeds in Connecticut. So, I knew when I was ready for a companion for Tink that I wanted a puppy that came from the same line. It just so happened that when I called to inquire about litters that he had a litter that would be ready in just a month and a half! Excited (and a bit pressed for time!)  I booked my flight to CT for the day before New Years and got everything ready to go.

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After dropping Tinkerbelle off at my mom’s house in Steamboat, I headed to CT (with a quick stop in Boston for NYE!) and bright and early January 1st I picked up little Meeko for the very first time!

After spending a few days with puppy and my dad in Connecticut it was back to Denver and the ordeal of carrying a puppy through the airport for a flight (and a connection!) I don’t think I have ever been stopped so much by security before- and just so that they could pet the puppy!

Now, Meeko was a complete doll and very well behaved while traveling, but I thought I would share three tips to help your trip go smoothly.

1. Before you leave try to get your puppy used to his or her carrier. You can place treats inside, leave the doors open so they can run in and out, and just have it around as much as possible. You don’t want a screaming puppy when it comes to having them sit under the seat!
2. Give yourself plenty of time. Checking in, security, walking through the airport, and potty breaks all take so much longer with a puppy. You don’t want to be running with your bags and puppy carrier in hand trying to make a flight! I had a connection in Dallas and made sure to book myself enough time so that I could leave the airport, let Meeko have a bit of play time and somewhere to go to the bathroom and make it back in time for the second leg of our trip.
3. Bring EVERYTHING. Yep, everything. You need to be prepared for messes and whimpering puppies. Just like a human baby, puppies are messy. If they have an accident you need paper towels and bags to clean it up. Fussy puppy? Bring toys, treats, and water!

Do you have any tips for bringing a puppy home? I would love to read them in the comments below!

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