Chickadee Says: Diamond Candles: Review and Giveaway! (Closed)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Diamond Candles: Review and Giveaway! (Closed)

Hello Darlings!

In general, I am a fan of things that smell good, sparkle, or are good for the environment. Add all of these together and I am going to be a very happy camper. The folks over at Diamond Candles did just that with their rather extensive line of candles; so when they reached out after seeing my love for soy wax in my DIY: Citronella Candles post I may have let out a very excited ‘whoop’ or two.

I had heard about Diamond Candles previously because my sister raved about how great they smelled and how fun it is to discover a ring whilst letting the candle burn, (more about that later) but I had never taken the time to properly research the product. When I saw that the company described themselves as eco-friendly I was intrigued. I learned that their candles are made from one hundred percent soy wax, a material that is renewable and burns clean while lasting an incredible amount of time. Also, the American company sources their soybeans from farmers right here at home, supporting local agriculture! Add to this an un-coated pure cotton wick and a glass jar that is a perfect size for reusing and Diamond Candles has created an extremely eco-friendly product.

When people think eco-friendly they sometimes assume that the product, while great for the environment, is inferior in some aspects to their man-made counterparts. In the case of Diamond Candles this is completely untrue. This candle burns with a strong, but not overpowering, scent that smells natural and also burns for an incredibly long time. I’ve had my honeysuckle candle for a few weeks and I still have about three-quarters of the candle left to burn!

Lastly, remember as a child when you got so excited to find they toy in the cereal box or hidden in the popcorn in your Cracker Jacks? Diamond Candles brings back this whimsy and lets you discover a ring inside every candle! These rings vary in price-point from the ten dollar range to multiple thousands, but even my ten dollar ring is super pretty!

The darlings over at Diamond Candles wanted me to share the love with you! Make sure to enter the giveaway to like their Facebook page and follow their Pinterest boards to win a gift code for a candle of your choice!

Good luck!
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