Chickadee Says: A (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Wanderlust Aspen Snowmass

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Wanderlust Aspen Snowmass

Hello Darlings!

I had an INCREDIBLE time at the Wanderlust festival in Aspen-Snowmass this past weekend, so I thought I would share a recap of sorts! If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen a few pictures, but I have plenty more (and love, love, love so many of the official pictures!) that I just have to share.
My first class, each mat had its own marker with beautiful saying on them.

I had planned on heading up to Wanderlust exploring with DSLR in hand, popping out of practice to photograph classes, but the energy and incredible teachers made that next to impossible. I wanted to really live and be in the moment so I am so very glad that there were plenty of photographers on hand to capture the essence of the festival.

Can't beat the view from the various yoga venues.

Classes were intense, but we all constantly smiled, laughed, and have a wonderful time. Photo by: Ali Kaukas.

The Kula (community market) was chock full of amazing food vendors, performers, and everything from yoga mats to healing crystals.
With an emphasis on going green, refillable water stations and recycling, compost, and trash bins were easy to find.

The Spiritual Gangster shirts were some of my favorites. Photo by: Melissa Stephens.
The hikes (left) around Aspen were gorgeous and even the short walk (right) up to my condo was beyond beautiful.

You couldn't find a better venue for the concerts- or a better crowd. Photo by: Eric Ward.
Jurassic 5 was phenomenal and really got the crowd going! I, being that pyro that I am, brought a huge box of sparklers to play with during the concert! Photo by: Max Landerman.
Post-concert we sat around a fire pit and ordered s'mores (!!) from the bar! Great fun with great people!

Photo by: Sasha Juliard
I had such a wonderful time and can’t wait to head back next year! If you can’t wait that long to attend there are six more Wanderlust festivals this year everywhere from Canada to Atlanta! Check out the schedule for this year and next here on the Wanderlust website! Hope to see you there!

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I was given a ticket to Wanderlust free of charge. All opinions are my own.
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