Chickadee Says: Holistic Health with Boiron (and Giveaway!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Holistic Health with Boiron (and Giveaway!)

Hello Darlings!

When it comes to how I cope with ailments I am anything but traditional. I love that there are so many options for healing in this world and that holistic health is becoming more popular in everyday society. I was fortunate to have grown up with a mother (now an herbalist!) who taught me how to listen to my body, and that when I wasn’t feeling my best I had the option of reaching for something natural.

And while often I was in the backyard picking mullen or dandelion for tea, when I needed something not so readily accessible I turned to Boiron- a name synonymous with holistic health. The little blue tubes were staples in my medicine cabinet, and as a human that bruises like a peach (and always has!) Arnica has always been one of my best friends!

I trust the Boiron name, and as I’ve grown up their lines have expanded and started to break into the mainstream, popping up on health food store’s shelves and filling up aisles in stores like Pharmaca (which I love and if you’re in Denver, a brand new location opened up in Greenwood Village!) and even present in Walgreens as well. I thought as I continue my birthday giveaway series that I absolutely needed to include Boiron in my celebrations!

The Boiron product that I use most often is the Arnicare Gel. The gel is made from active ingredient Arnica Montana, a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, and is wonderful for sore muscles (as shown in my Holistic Remedies for Post-Workout Soreness), bruising, sprains, and stiffness. I generally use the gel externally and the Arnica Montana pellets (in the blue tube) internally so that it works from the outside in and the inside out! The Calendula Cream is another external skin-aid made from Calendula Officinalis- a type of marigold- that is wonderful for treating skin ailments, itching, burns, and wonderful for sunburn! I recommend Boiron’s Calendula lotion in my Natural Remedies for Dry Winter Skin post.

In my opinion you can never have enough of Boiron’s Blue Tubes. The assortment I received (and am giving away!) is a great starting point for any healthy living medicine cabinet. From the Arnica Montana that pairs with the Arnicare gel, to Apis Mellifica a remedy for insect bites and skin itching, you really can’t go wrong with curating a collection to have on hand (the Pokemon ‘gotta catch ‘em all just popped into my head- silly child of the 80’s). Each of the blue tubes has multiple uses, but are most well known for their most common use. Ledum Palustre is great for when you’ve been pricked by thorns or mosquitos, Nux Vomica is amazing for upset stomachs for over-indulgence (I most definitely used some after this week’s incredibly rich meal with Heather and Laura), and Urtica Urens is wonderful for combatting the discomfort caused by hives. Pop over to the Boiron website for further information and a complete product list!

Because the darlings at Boiron are awesome they’re supplying one lucky reader with a prize pack of Boiron goodies! Enter using the Rafflecopter below. US only. No P.O. boxes please! Ends 8/6/14.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Please note that I am not a physician. All opinions are based off of personal experience. Consult your doctor before starting alternative treatment. These products were given to me free of charge to facilitate a review.

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