Chickadee Says: Four Weeks to Body Freedom

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Four Weeks to Body Freedom

Hello Darlings!

When it comes to body image I am all about empowerment. Be you, love you, embrace your flaws- we are all incredible creatures. However, for lots of us we can tell ourselves that all we want but often we don’t believe it. That’s where my good friend Madelyn Moon comes in.

A former fitness competitor turned holistic health coach (read her story here) who specializes in disordered eating; Madelyn articulately speaks about body image, nutrition, and wellness in a way that feels accessible and relatable. She helps people to become more comfortable in their bodies and with their diets so that they can live happy, fulfilling lives without constantly fretting about food, weight, etcetera.

Because she’s awesome, Madelyn is hosting Four Weeks to Body Freedom, a program to help you change your relationship with food and your body. Here’s what it entails (in Madelyn’s words):

Week one

- The number one reason why your diets haven’t brought you the satisfaction you hoped for.
- Why food is not the enemy, even when you have disordered eating.
- The link between food restrictions and rebellion.

Week two

- The reason why eating less and working out more doesn’t work long term
- How to rebuild your metabolism and health with food
- Shifting your mindset when it comes to why you eat the way you do

Week three

- How comparisons have been making us unhappy with our bodies for years
- How “fitness” should and should not look for you
- A deep look at triggers and how to work around them.

Week four

- 21 practices that will help you continue your body respect journey long after the program.
- A list of recipes that will satisfy your primal need for nourishment.
- See how your life will never reach its full limitless potential if you don’t do this one thing.

So be sure to click over and see her story, and find out more how this amazing program can benefit you! (Psst.. act fast! Signup closes at 5pm MST on January 18th!)

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