Chickadee Says: Fitness Goal and a Hike Through the Woods

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fitness Goal and a Hike Through the Woods

Hello Darlings!

So far I’ve been pretty great about following my NewYear’s resolutions which, quite frankly, is a bit shocking, but exciting nevertheless. However, I’ve noticed that I am quite out of shape. I’ve been going to hot yoga three times a week and it is incredibly fun and challenging, and I’ve noticed the difference in my muscle tone, flexibility, and core strength already. 

But I come from an extremely athletic background; I played soccer for sixteen years and was a sprinter for as long as I can remember. I even ran track at Boston College, a NCAA Division I program my freshman year. When I quit (for academic reasons, I picked up a second major and a minor) I went cold turkey; it felt great not having to train six days a week year round. Now, I get winded running up my snowy backyard with Tinkerbelle—not exactly a healthy state for my body. 

So I’m writing it here because once it is published I have to follow through: I, Kait, will get back into (aerobic) shape by exercising at least twice a week at a minimum. There. Now you all have to hold me to it!

I also went for a quick hike in the woods today, here are a few pictures. It is always fun to play 'spot the puppy!'
Spot the Puppy!
Gorgeous Little Stream
Queen of the Mountain!

Excuse the Terrible Form- Hiking Boots and Snowy Logs Aren't Great for Balancing (thanks to my dad for this shot!)

How do you plan on getting (or keeping) in shape?

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