Chickadee Says: Green Juice Detox

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Green Juice Detox

Hello Darlings!

Green Juice Final Product
To kick off my healthy New Year I decided to give my body a break and go on a three-day juice fast! I’m currently on day two and thought I would show you one of the green drinks I’ve concocted.

Inspired by my sister’s weight loss while following the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead plan last year, the juice, as the name would imply, is mostly vegetable. Carrots, spinach, lettuce, and cucumber make up the majority of the drink, but as I have a bit of a sweet-tooth (vast understatement) I added in a kiwi and half an apple for some sweetness.

As you can see in my ingredients picture below, I also add about a quarter teaspoon of Vitamineral Green into the finished drink. Called a ‘green superfood powder’ it is recommended for a holistic method of body detoxification. The powder contains ingredients like spirulina, wheatgrass, enzymes, and dulse (seaweed, yay!) that are known for their therapeutic properties. However, if you tend to have a sensitive nose you might want to skip this bit- it smells like garden weeds!

I’ve commandeered my mother’s Hurom juicer for my fast and highly recommend it. It is a slow juicer that uses a mortar and pestle like process.  This process extracts much more juice from the ingredients than an average juicer, and because it works without heat and with much less friction the juice produced retains more of the produces’ vitamins and minerals.

Discarded remnants for the chickens on the left,
pure green juice on the right!

I am supposed to do this year-round but I tend to be very forgetful in the mornings being the night owl that I am, but I am being ever so responsible and taking my vitamins! Most of my vitamins are from Puritan’s Pride -they have a fantastic buy one get two free sale a few times a year! Puritan’s website also has great descriptions of each of their vitamins so you can see which suit your needs. I also take Thisilyn for liver support, Vitamin B12 for energy, and Acidophilus Pearls for the probiotics!

After all this talk of healthy eating Tink is a bit pooped.

Please note: I am not a doctor and have only shown the supplements that work for me personally. Before starting a vitamin regimen consult your physician. 

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