Chickadee Says: Snow Day with Musher’s Secret

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Day with Musher’s Secret

Hello Darlings!

Yay! No Snow Balls!
Tinkerbelle and Kiwi love playing in the snow, but hate the balls of snows that form between the pads on their feed while doing so. Tink doesn’t have much of a problem being a sled dog breed, but Kiwi, a golden retriever, gets them quite severely. 

So when I saw an Instagram photo of Musher’s Secret by Green Dog Market I stopped by a few days ago to pick up a jar to try. I had the perfect opportunity for a test run yesterday as I woke up to a fresh blanket of snow. 

Musher’s Secret worked incredibly well. With just a thin coat of the all-natural wax on the dogs’ paws they played for ages and tromped through the woods in our backyard with no problems at all! If you live anywhere with snow I highly recommend Musher’s Secret for your furry friends.

The snow was so gorgeous that I couldn’t help but take lots of pictures- enjoy!

Playing at Full Speed!
Play Position!
Kiwi Loving the Snow
Exploring the Woods On Our Property
My Mom Playing with Her 'Granddogs'
Spotted: Tiny Pinecones
Tinkerbelle Loves to Pose for the Camera

 I would love to see your pets playing in the snow
(or anywhere for that matter!)- tag me in your Instagram  or Facebook photos or tweet me!

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