Chickadee Says: 7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

Hello Darlings!

While pets make our lives healthy and a bit more whole, they can be expensive to care for. Veterinary bills, grooming, food, toys, treats- paying for our furry little children adds up. But raising healthy and happy pets does not always have to be incredibly expensive. These seven tips will help keep a few of your costs down while still providing the best care you can give.

1. Grow Your Own Cat Grass! Wheatgrass berries are quite inexpensive and you can buy them in bulk. Rather than spending seven dollars a pot for petstore grass, spend a dollar or so on your own! Shade (pictured above) loves his wheatgrass; make sure you subscribe using the buttons on the sidebar to see an upcoming post detailing how to grow your own!

2. Buy Toys That Engage Your Pet. Toys like Kong’s Wobbler keep your pets busy when left alone. This keeps your pets from getting bored- saving you from having to replace doors and baseboards, and your pets from ingesting possibly toxic debris.

3. Remove Pet-Toxic Plants From Your Home and Yard.  Doing this prevents costly visits to the emergency room, keeping your pet healthy and your wallet fat. The ASPCA has a great resource for checking which plants are toxic to different types of animals. Check out the database here.

4. Buy Catnip in Bulk. Cats go crazy for catnip, and constantly replacing toys filled with it can get expensive. Look for organic catnip in bulk at your local health foods store.

5. Buy the Expensive Food. While it is a bit more costly each month, the more expensive foods have higher quality ingredients, higher protein contents, and can provide specialized supplements for different types of pets. Wellness pet foods offer a number of specialized foods, including the large breed dog food that my pup Tinkerbelle, and our family’s dog Kiwi, eat. This specific food contains glucosamine, providing extra joint help for large dogs, like mine, who are prone to joint problems.

6. Invest In Good Grooming Tools. Having high quality grooming tools on hand help keep your pets looking great, without the extra cost of a groomer. Also, regular brushing keeps your pet’s skin healthy, removes debris, and helps to prevent hotspots. I love the Furminator.

7. Buy Dog Toys That Last. Constantly buying cheap dog toys that are easily ripped apart can add up. Instead, buy better quality, more expensive toys that last. I swear by Tuffy Toys - Tinkerbelle has a collection of them. She has had her shark and lobster since she was six weeks old. Now, at nearly two, they are still in great shape. Not a bad investment for just under twenty dollars a pop.

Also, don’t forget regular vet checkups, plenty of exercise, and lots of time with you! Our pets need to be cared for regularly and need to feel loved. Cuddling with our furry (or not so furry) friends benefits both you and your pet!

Tinkerbelle as a Puppy with Her Tuffy Toy Shark!

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