Chickadee Says: Valentine's Day Wishlist

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Wishlist

Hello Darlings!

In theory, I am in the camp that Valentine's Day is over commercialized and that you should treat your loved ones with sweetness every day of the the year. In practice, however, I love the red, white, and pink hearts, boxes of chocolates in sweet packaging, and bouquets of flowers that come with the Hallmark-esque Valentine's Day that we celebrate. Whoops. Now, even though I am single this Valentine's Day I wasn't about to let that stop me from sharing my wishlist if I actually did have a sweetheart to spoil me!

1. This Red Turquoise Necklace. I love a statement necklace and this handmade one would look amazing with a simple top, a pair of jeans and a killer pair of heels!

2. A Pair of Pink LuluLemon Grove Pants. You already have seen how much I love LuluLemon's shorts and you can't go wrong with a pair of yoga pants. They are super comfortable and your sweetheart will love to see your curves hugged in just the right way!

3. A Le Creuset Heart Baker. I love Le Creuset for the kitchen, most of the pots you see in my recipe posts are from the brand! A heart shaped casserole would be a perfect Valentine's Day dinner idea!

4. A Valentine's Day Themed Apron. I love the retro-apron look. I have a battered old apron for everyday use but dinner parties with cute aprons? Yes please!

5. Heart Candles in French Lilac. I love handmade candles, candlelight makes everyone look good and you know love went into making them! Plus, lilac is one of my favorite scents- right up there with old book smell and the smell of dirt after it rains!

What are some of the items on your Valentine's Day wishlist? Let me know in the comments below (be sure to include a link to your wishlist if you have one! I would love to check them out!)

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