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Friday, February 8, 2013

Hot Yoga Essentials

Hello Darlings!

I have been obsessed with hot yoga lately, and wish that I could be in class right now instead of watching the blizzard (which the Weather Channel has dubbed Nemo- the name is the only good thing about this storm) from my window. To warm myself up and get a bit of a hot yoga fix, I thought I would share my hot yoga essentials with you.

One: A lightweight wicking tank top. My favorite is the Too Perfect Rib Tank by adidas.
Two: A stretchy headband to battle flyaways. I love the Nike Sport Headbands because they don't slide.
Three: A great, wicking sports bra. The Nike Pro Sports Bra is super comfortable.
Four: Yoga shorts in a breatheable, four-way stretch fabric. The Lulu Lemon Boogie Short never rides up and stays flat against your skin!
Five: A reusable water bottle with a straw. This Nathan Steel Water Bottle has an easy open top, perfect for sneaking a drink during downward dog.
Six: A comfortable, non-slip yoga mat. Gaiam is my go-to yoga brand; this mat doesn't slide and is wonderfully thick.
Seven: A mat bag with pockets. This Tree of Life Tote bag has zippered pockets and a magnetic closure, and it fits everything I need to bring to class.
Eight: A fast-drying, small towel. The Thirsty Yoga Hand Towel is made from microfiber, great for blotting away sweat.
Nine: A non-slip mat towel. The Grippy Yoga Mat Towel fits perfectly on top of my mat and absorbs sweat instantly, which in a room that is 105 degrees is a necessity.

This is what I wear and bring everyday to go sweat out my worries. Do you have a favorite yoga brand, or would you add another essential to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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This is not a sponsored post. I own everything listed above and love it all!
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