Chickadee Says: How To: Pack a Perfect Picnic

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How To: Pack a Perfect Picnic

Hello Darlings!

I am such a picnic person. Essentially, they are just a dinner party in the grass- perfection. But, packing the perfect picnic can be tricky. With so many things that can go wrong, (leaking liquids and food spoilage for starters) an improperly packed picnic can be a disaster waiting to happen. So, here are a few tips to make your picnic as perfect as possible (how’s that for alliteration!?).

1. PICK THE RIGHT BASKET. I have a huge, rather heavy basket for picnics in the park. It includes everything right down to the wineglasses, cloth napkins, and corkscrew, which makes everything easier. However, if you’re going for more than a quick stroll, you may want to opt for a lighter basket and use recyclable plates, napkins, and cups to keep the weight down.

2. FOOD STORAGE IS KEY. Pick sturdy, leak-proof containers. I like using glass snapping containers (I got the ones pictured at Costco- super inexpensive!). But if you’re trying to keep the weight of your basket down, make sure you use plastic containers that are crush-proof.  

3. ALL FOOD NEEDS A CONTAINER! This sounds like a pain, I know, but if a spill does occur, who wants a soggy, squished baguette? Abeego makes handcrafted storage bags in every size, including ones for baguettes!

4. LEAK-PROOF TRASH BAGS. No explanation necessary. Make sure to leave with everything you brought!

5. PICK THE BEST BLANKET. Bring a blanket (or tablecloth) that is large enough for your whole picnic party! Also, dark colored blankets are best for spills. I have had red wine spills on this Boston College (yay alumna pride) blanket, and it is no worse for wear.

6. DON’T FORGET THE WATER. While everyone gets excited about a great bottle of wine, don’t forget to hydrate. Packing water in a gorgeous bottle exudes an air of elegance.

7. KEEP YOUR FOOD COOL. My picnic basket came with an insulated cooler for food that might spoil. Pop a reusable ice pack inside for extra protection.

8. THE WAY YOU PACK IS HELPFUL. Pack everything in the opposite order of use. Glasses, cutlery, and napkins should be on top, followed underneath by the appetizer course, then the main course, and so on. This makes setting up and serving a breeze!

Make sure you pick food you love and fun people to bring along! If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen that I took my picnic to Denver’s Jazz in the Park which is such a fun summer event!

Do you have any great picnic tips? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great picnic!
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