Chickadee Says: Trying Out Supplements: Best Price Nutrition Review

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trying Out Supplements: Best Price Nutrition Review

Hello Darlings!

I’ve never really been a supplement type of person. But with my current workout regimen (my personal trainer is trying to kill me in such a wonderful way) I thought I could use a bit of a boost in the nutrition department to kick up my workouts to the next level. I was wary about trying supplements because I had always thought that protein powder tasted like chalk and green food supplements like weeds. Boy, was I wrong. The darlings over at Best Price Nutrition offered to send along a few samples of healthy products that they thought I might like, and they chose wonderfully.

I tried a packet of Garden of Life Raw Protein in Vanilla Spiced Chai first. It was truly delicious. I mixed the 23 gram packet with a glass of almond milk and it ended up tasting like a smooth milkshake, no chinks, no grainy, gritty texture; you couldn’t tell that you were drinking protein, it tasted like dessert after a hard workout at the gym.

Taste isn’t the only great thing about this protein powder. The high quality ingredients are certified organic, raw, vegan, and gluten free. At only 90 calories a serving, each packet packs a punch, chock full of vitamins, probiotics, and 17 grams of protein. Make sure you pop over to Best Price Nutrition for a full breakdown of ingredients!

I tried another Garden of Life supplement, the Perfect Food, a raw, organic, green super food. If you have been following ChickadeeSays from the very beginning you might remember seeing my post on juicing. I included a green food supplement in each juice but I had to mask the flavor with veggies. It tasted like weeds, awful. The Garden of Life vegan green superfood, however, actually tastes great, like fresh veggies! 

At 25 calories a serving, each 8 gram packet contains a green juice blend full of barley grass, alfalfa grass, and wheat grass, a fruit and veggie juice blend of pineapples, beets, carrots, and spinach, an sprout blend with amaranth, quinoa, and millet, and a probiotic and enzyme blend. The powder is easy to stir into your fresh juice (or water if you choose to do so) without leaving any chunks behind. The Garden of Life Perfect Food really lives up to its name!

Lastly I tried Nova Forme’s green superfood supplement, Cyto Greens for Athletes in Acai berry and green tea. This packet tastes phenomenal. I mixed the 8.9 gram packet in a glass of cold water and it tasted like you were drinking a wonderfully flavored iced tea. The ingredients in this packet are incredible, spirulina, matcha green tea, and chlorella make for a great detox, a blend of mushroom extracts and 346 milligrams of antioxidants is a great way to stay healthy and combat free radicals. Other ingredient highlights are organic milk thistle for liver care, and chicory root prebiotics. The only downside to the Cyto Greens supplement for me was that the green tea and ginseng root extract made me a bit jittery. My body is incredibly sensitive to everything, for instance, with a single cup of coffee I am bouncing off the walls and my hands shake, but the jitters only lasted for a short while before I was back to normal.  So, if you’re sensitive like I am you might want to try a small amount before you drink the whole packet. Otherwise, for all you normal darlings this green superfood is fabulous!

A big thank you to Best Price Nutrition for sending over these supplements for me to try! I will definitely be buying the big portions of both Garden of Life products! Make sure you check out and their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure to tell them ChickadeeSays sent you!

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Please note that I am not a doctor or certified nutritionist. This review is based off of my experience of these supplements that were sent to me free of charge. Consult your physician before starting any supplement regimen.
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