Chickadee Says: Kale and Quinoa Detox Salad

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kale and Quinoa Detox Salad

Hello Darlings!

If you popped by my What I Ate Wednesday post yesterday you might have seen that I promised the recipe for my Kale and Quinoa Detox Salad that I munched on during yoga teacher training. With lots of ingredients that you’ll both have on hand and are great for detoxing your body as we still work on those New Year’s resolutions, it’s a perfect dish to whip up when you’re feeling a bit heavy. I love how filling the quinoa salad is, and as an added bonus it is incredibly easy to prepare!


- ½ Cup Quinoa (Dry)
- 2 Cups Kale, Stems Removed
- 1 Cup Parsley, Stems Removed
- ¼ Cup Almonds
- ½ Cup Carrots
- 1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds
- 1 Tablespoon Flax Seeds
- 2 Cloves Garlic


1. Start to cook the quinoa with equal parts water and dried quinoa. (I use a rice cooker to make it easy!)

2. In a food processor or with a very deft knife hand finely chop the kale, parsley, almonds, carrots, and garlic.

3. In a large bowl mix all chopped ingredients plus the seeds well.

4. Add in hot quinoa, to wilt the greens and meld the salad’s flavors.

5. Enjoy!

Do you have an easy go-to salad that you whip up when you’re feeling off? Let me know in the comments below!

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