Chickadee Says: Valentine’s Day Wishlist 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Valentine’s Day Wishlist 2014

Hello Darlings!

I know that it is still January, however I feel like the spirit of Valentine’s Day is in full swing around town (and most definitely on Pinterest!). So as I’ve been browsing I’ve curated a few things that I know I would love for Valentine’s Day- hopefully they may be a bit inspiring for the loved ones in your life!

1. Valentine’s Day Plates from Williams-Sonoma.

These little appetizer plates are fun and whimsical; I can see them being used as cheese plates so set up with a buffet of finger foods!

I can never have enough workout clothes. This pair of Ellie pants is perfectly colored for the holiday of love, and they have gorgeous details that would make any athlete swoon!

3. Valentine’s Day Candle Holder by Etsy Shop JTL Creations

Candlelight and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. Why not make your candlelight a bit more special with a gorgeous tea light holder make out of oak?!

Now I love flowers, but I always get so sad when they start to wilt and drop their petals. Getting a fun little garden set like this one for the foodie in your life is a great option, living, gorgeous herbs and a fabulous way to add flavor to your meals to boot!

5. Heart Leg Warmers by Etsy Shop Beauty by Beatrix

I have been on the hunt for a great pair of leg warmers all season- cropped yoga pants and winter weather aren’t exactly the best of friends. These sweet leg warmers would be cozy and cute for Valentine’s Day!

6.  Custom Arrow Ring by Etsy Shop Modern Mama

These rings are gorgeous and can be customized with dates, initials, and gemstones! I love gifts with a bit of thought behind them, and a lovely piece of jewelry customized with the day it is given is incredibly thoughtful!

Have you been inundated with Valentine’s Day yet? Also, what would you add to this list- let me know in the comments below!

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