Chickadee Says: Camp Gratitude: Kids Yoga Guide Summer Camps (Denver)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Camp Gratitude: Kids Yoga Guide Summer Camps (Denver)

Hello Darlings!

One of the great joys in life is to be able to witness a child’s eyes sparkle and a smile spread across their face when they learn something new. I love that teaching children’s yoga allows me to witness this little miracle every week! From learning a Sanskrit word or a breathing technique, to finding the ability to balance on one foot kids find joy in learning, especially when that learning feels like play!

Casey Feicht (Center) Teaching Kiddos how to fly!

I was extremely fortunate to learn from a children’s yoga teacher who understood the importance of being silly, laughing, and creating a safe environment for kiddos to explore. Casey Feicht is a woman after my own heart- she constantly lets her inner child be on display! This summer she has created a wonderful experience for kids in the Denver area to experience: Camp Gratitude!

So without further ado, here is all the information you’ll need:

Kids Yoga Guide, Casey Feicht and her team of teachers will "Guide" your kids through this Super Fun Camp!

Your kids will build...

Confidence & Creativity through theatrical games and signing
Peace through yoga, meditation and yogic breathing
Self-Expression through dance, music and drum circle
World Awareness through stories, mandalas and play
Growing gratitude awareness in our children’s lives

We have 6 different weeks of Camp Gratitude ~ 9am- 4pm (Bring a sack lunch)
Best for Kids 5-12 years old ! Investment in Fun & Peace $225

June 16th – 20th
June 23rd – 27th
July 14th -18th
July 28th – Aug 1st
Aug 4th – 8th
Aug 18th -22nd

Location: Harmony Yoga Studio 560 S Holly St #15, Denver

You might just see a familiar smiling face teaching during the sessions! Kids Yoga Directory is a wonderful resource for anything kids yoga! Be sure to pop over to Kids Yoga Guide for lots of information and FREE online kids yoga classes or like Kids Yoga Directory on Facebook to follow along!

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