Chickadee Says: Experiments in All Natural Easter Egg Dyeing

Friday, April 11, 2014

Experiments in All Natural Easter Egg Dyeing

Hello Darlings!

I’m not generally an egg person (cue #YolkPorn addict shocked faces) I’ll have them scrambled but there is something about the texture that just doesn’t agree with me. However, that dislike of eggs gets chucked out the window around Easter. I love coloring eggs! From the crazy tie-dye eggs to eggs covered in wax then dipped I’ve done it all; so this year I thought I would experiment with dying eggs from things I had on hand in my kitchen. I got mixed results but some of the egg dyes worked wonders, gorgeous colors without all the chemicals!

To create the colors I added a tablespoon of white vinegar to almost boiling water and then added each of the following ingredients into each water glass.

Pink: Red Beet Slices
Blue: Boiled Red Cabbage
Green: Matcha Green Tea
Yellow: Turmeric

Blue: Blueberry Teas (weird concrete color)
Orange: Paprika (barely showed)

Overall I think the project was super fun! The colors aren’t instantaneous like the tablet-in-a-cup packages, but when left overnight they are vibrant, fun, and healthy! I’m planning on experimenting more (what else do you do with white eggs!) and can’t wait to see what else I can come up with!

What strange combinations do you think might provide color? Whenever I boil cabbage my fingers always turn blue, but I never thought the color would turn out that vibrant! Let me know your guesses (or tried and trues) in the comments below!

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