Chickadee Says: How To: Keep Your Pets Safe On Halloween

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How To: Keep Your Pets Safe On Halloween

Hello Darlings!

While it is known for its spooky fun, Halloween can also be an incredibly stressful time for our four-legged friends. Loud noises, hectic groups of interestingly dressed children, and tasty-treats-turned-poison can all be cause for alarm. But if you follow a few guidelines you and your pet can have a fun, safe holiday!

1. Keep your pets away from all Halloween candy!

2. If you dress up your pets, make sure that their costume fits well. Costumes should not constrict barking or meowing, or have any parts that can get caught on furniture etcetera when left alone.

3. Make sure that all decorations are out of reach. Animals are curious, especially about new things in the house.

4. Keep your animals in a quiet place, away from the hubbub of the doorbell and trick-or-treaters.

5. Don’t leave pumpkins with candles lit while a pet is in the room.

If you do decide to bring your pets out with you:

6. Make sure they are microchipped or have a very secure collar with identification.

7. Add pet-safe illuminators (lights that can’t be tampered with or reflective tape) to their costumes or leashes and collars.

8. Stay away from alcohol-laden parties. Animals are sneaky, they can scuttle away and find unattended drinks and get sick.

I hope you and your pets have a very happy and safe Halloween! Would you add anything to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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