Chickadee Says: What I ate Wednesday: Yoga Teacher Training

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I ate Wednesday: Yoga Teacher Training

Hello Darlings!

What I Ate Wednesdays are like Instagram food stalking on steroids. Which, incidentally I love. I pop by Jenn’s (from Peas and Crayons) blog every Wednesday and check out what everyone has been eating! Not going to lie, sometimes I get a bit jealous, but just as often it is super inspiring. I thought it might be fun to join the linkup this week and show what I had to chomp on during a day of yoga teacher training! Please excuse the quality- these are all iPhone shots!


I have to be sitting on my yoga mat and ready to move at 8 am every Saturday and Sunday. So when it comes to breakfast it needs to be quick, light, and able to make ahead for this night owl.  One of my favorite things to make is a triple berry smoothie. All I do is chuck frozen organic berries from Costco (one of my favorite stores ever!), a big glob of Chobani, Silk almond milk, and a splash of orange juice (to brighten up the berries) into a blender. When it is all smooth pour into a mason jar, pop on a Cuppow top (if you haven’t seen these- totally life changing- sippy cups for adults!) and sip in the car on the way to the studio!


Depending on the day I might snack on a bit of fruit between breakfast and lunch but this particular Sunday we were moving all morning and didn’t get a break to eat. My stabilizer muscles were definitely getting a workout- balancing poses! So when it came time for lunch I was ravenous! The girls always tease me (very nicely!) that my lunches are always so pretty, but if function is pretty I dig it! I had a salad in a huge mason jar, tangerine wedges and kiwi slices, and Inka corn (which is salted puffed corn-YUM) from Sprouts, and Black Pepper SnapPea Crisps, all popped into a bag from LuLu Lemon that is the perfect size for toting lunch!

I’m rather particular about how I pack my salads, if you put the dressing on beforehand the leaves are soggy before you eat them- no thanks! So I stack ingredients in a mason jar. First I add the ‘trimmings.’ In this salad I put chopped carrots on the bottom, then chopped cucumber, followed by beets I pickled last summer in cumin and cloves. On top of all of that you can pour your salad dressing (I did balsamic and olive oil) then top with your greens (baby spinach all the way!). That way your leaves don’t get soggy and all you have to do is shake the jar to mix everything up!

Afternoon Snack:

I need a quick snack to pick me up, usually around 3, and KIND bars (thanks to Lauren) are my go to! They taste great, are low in sugar, and have some protein to boot! At the current moment I am loving Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt and Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio, I could eat them both all day!


If you follow my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you might know my poor little pup has been sick with an upper respiratory infection. Normally she goes to doggy day care while I’m in training, but I didn’t want Tink to get any of the other dogs sick. So my darling mom popped into town to watch her over the weekend. I also came home Sunday evening to Boeuf Bourguignon. Best. Mom. Ever. She uses Ina Garten’s recipe and it was simply delicious, and very grounding after a day of practically flying in balancing poses and upside down in handstands!


I have a major sweet tooth that I am trying to tame. So what I (try) to do is eat things that have natural sweetness instead of devouring a pint of Talenti Sea Salt Caramel. I usually have left over smoothie from the morning, so I pop that into the freezer and eat it like sorbet that evening!

I had so much fun snapping pics of my meals all day (and explaining why I needed to take pictures!) Do you have any easy tricks for packing a lunch like my mason jar salads? Let me know in the comments below!

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