Chickadee Says: Udi’s Limited Edition Fall Line

Monday, October 21, 2013

Udi’s Limited Edition Fall Line

Hello Darlings!

I was never really in the loop when it came to gluten free products until one of my best friends was diagnosed with celiac disease. He, in typical college-male fashion was terrible at cooking anything aside from burgers on the grill. So being the ever-so-nice best friend I am took it upon myself to figure out ways that he could eat his favorite foods without the gut-wrenching pain after the fact. I then discovered Udi’s – truly a life saver! So when Udi’s reached out and told me about their new limited edition fall line I was really excited to try their fall spiced products and share!

One of the hardest things to do after Udi’s Pumpkin Muffins and Ginger Cookies arrived at my door was not devour the entire packages before I had a chance to photograph them! The wait was well worth it.

I tried the Pumpkin Muffins first. Chock full of big pumpkin flavor, cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange zest to add a bit of brightness, they were spicy and rich, perfect for fall mornings with a cup of tea. Unlike many gluten free products that are dense and heavy these muffins were light yet substantial, without the gritty aftertaste that often accompanies the ‘gluten-free’ label. I brought a couple of these to my yoga teacher training class (we yogis are notorious for having really specific eating habits) and I came back with rave reviews from my gluten free girls!

I may have downed three Ginger Cookies in oh, three minutes, after I opened their container and smelled them! They smell divine. I love that the ginger in these cookies is strong but not overwhelming, and melds well with the rest of the autumn spices. Also, these are perfectly soft and chewy, just as advertised ( +1 for Udi’s!). I also toted these along to yoga training and most definitely came back with an empty box. Everyone in the class loved them, gluten-free girls and not! These cookies truly are fabulous and don’t taste anything like the bland gluten free cookies that I’ve come to know. These are such a delicious cookie, I might just have to stock up before the limited edition cookies are no longer on the shelves!

Last but not least Udi’s sent along a little metal lunchbox THAT I LOVE. I know it’s rather silly, but I was giggling like a kid in a candy shop when I discovered the lunchbox along with the gluten free goodies! I think that it really says a lot about a company, when they can add a bit of whimsy to their outreach and have fun with their products! I’m not one that takes myself too seriously, and love when companies can have fun as well!

Make sure that you check out Udi’s fall line at a grocery store near you to snag some of the deliciousness, and say hello on their social media- and tell them ChickadeeSays sent you!

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Please note that I was provided with these products free of charge, in exchange for writing a post.
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